Barcia Bale

  (Go Wild Teddy x Princess Bale)

Date of Birth – March 2010

****SOLD OUT****


(Bombastic Shiraz x Wicked Witch)

Date of Birth – October 2010

****SOLD OUT****

Fernando Bale

(Kelsos Fusileer x Chloe Allen)

Date of Birth – March 2013

****SOLD OUT****


DRIVE ON BETSY – 2nd Round Unraced Stake, Waterford

Ballymac Under

Ballymac Maeve x Ballymac Lark

Date of Birth – 30 May 2006

Elite State

elite state newpark stud

Just the Best x Spark Again

Date of Birth 26 APR 2001

Cool Performance

Mustang Jack x Pony Nikita

Date Of Birth – Nov 1997

Closing Argument

Kiowa Sweet Joe x Wise Winner

Date Of Birth – 1 July 2004

Kilty Lad

Kilty Lad Newpark Stud

Superman x Sisco Train

Date of Birth 1 JAN 2009

Farley Blitz

Hondo Black x Blue Honey

Date Of Birth – 06/06/2008

Eden Star

eden star newpark stud

Top Savings X Aranock Val

Date of Birth OCT 2009

Shaneboy Lee

Shaneboy Lee Newpark Stud

Brett Lee x Shaneboy Ruth

Date of Birth 7 JAN 2007

Ballymac Ruso

Ballymac Maeve x Ballymac Lark

Date of Birth – 30 May 2006

Craigie Whistler

Molotov x Oshkosh Twist

Date Of Birth – 11 April 1998

Cuil Cougar

Droopys Vieri x Mays Princess

Date Of Birth – 12 Sept 2009

DKs Primetime

Molotov x Kelly Owen

Date of Birth – 12 May 1998

Judicial Affair

Newpark Stud Greyhound Stud Ireland

Hilltown x Chorus Thriller

Date of Birth – 18 Jan 2000

Maryville Rumble

Smooth Rumble x Budwiser Mary

Date of Birth – 20 May 2001

Mustang Zapper

Spiral Nikita x Tinys Bud

Date of Birth 3 April 2003

Pacific Mile

Head Honcho x Wise Beauty

Date of Birth – 1 Aug 2000

Surf Lorian

Just The Best x Barrio Fiesta

Date of Birth – 25 Apr 2002

WW Time Warp

Minaki Zeke x Twilite Dreamon

Date of Birth – 8 July 1996