Newpark Stud is located on 20 acres near Clonmel.
The main business is the Stud Complex, comprising modern Laboratory
and kennel block for the Bitches.
Kennel Block for the Sires with enclosed turn out pens and grass paddocks.

The complex also includes semen storage facility, surgery, mating room and isolation unit.

A.I. Procedures:
All our matings with our Sires are done by either fresh semen for resident dogs or frozen semen for non resident dogs.

All our matings are done via trans cervical insemination (Endoscope). Ann is licenced to carry out this procedure and it does not require sedation.

We will only do natural services if requested by breeders. However, by doing AI the semen is checked each time and the endoscope ensures that the semen gets through the cervix. 

We will only do surgical implant if requested by Breeders or there is a blockage problem.

All our Bitches are bloodtested for ovulation using the World Leader Mini Vidas Machine.

The bitches are also checked for infection using culture assay.

Newpark Stud Greyhound Stud